How to Create a Workable Social Media Strategy for your Business

Many tow truck businesses find social media to be quite overwhelming. There are so many available networks and these networks are always adding new features to cater for different business needs. If you are lacking a team of experts dedicated to checking on your social media, you are missing out. To succeed, there is need to come with a social media strategy. Your social media strategy is your master plan on how you create, post and engage with your social media content. It entails your social content guidelines, posting cadence, social media marketing campaigns as well as creative plans all integrated to perform common goals.

If you are looking forward to create a social media strategy, here are some important aspects you need to follow.

Define your target audience

If you have not identified and documented your buyer persona, start by defining the key demographics of your audience that you are trying to reach out. This includes aspects such as age, gender, occupation, income, hobbies as well as interests. You need to consider their challenges and what problems you will be looking forward to solve on a daily basis. You need to scale down your focus on the types of people who represent different interests and group all these things together.


Content Creation

Once you have identified those who need to read your message, it is time you start blogging. You need to commit to creating new and quality content on a consistent basis. Compile a list of common questions from different prospects and be committed to addressing all these questions with at least one new blog post per week. You need to create downloadable content such as eBooks, video, infographics among others that address key buyer pain points. If you create truly useful content, people will most likely share the same on social media and this helps in extending your reach.


Focus on few social channels

Most startups and new businesses do not have a bandwidth to establish and sustain quality social media strategy on every single channel. It becomes very overwhelming to learn the rules of engagements if channels involve are many. This calls for the need to start small. Research on key networks to learn where your target audience is spending most of their time on, and focus your time and energy on building, nurturing and sustaining a community before you can move to another channel.


Measure your results

There are countless things you can use to keep track of your social media channels. You need to start by looking at how much traffic your social media accounts are driving to your website or blog. You need to watch your posts to see what people are responding to, look for trends that are related to particular topics or keywords that generate more interests than others. Once you get an idea of your average traffic and performance of your posts, set goals for key metrics and keep a scorecard to measure your progress. Be sure to choose metrics that are easy to gather. It is also important you don’t remain static and that means it’s very important you adjust your tactics.

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