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How to Understand Different Types of Intelligence

From psychology, there is always a debate on what intelligence is. Think about the smartest person you know and what makes them smarter than the rest. Being referred or described as intelligent is probably one of the best compliments you can get. You are viewed to be a cut above the rest.

Generally, intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills to somewhat tricky concepts. There are different types of intelligence, as we are going to see in this guide.

There are two general types of intelligence as described and explained by Cattell-Horn


Fluid intelligence

Fluid intelligence is the general ability to think abstractly, reason critically, identify patterns, and solve problems. It is something that is dependent on one’s native ability and not something that can be obtained through training or education, or even exposure to different environments. It is a type of intelligence used to answer puzzles, riddles, and also come up with strategies to solve particular problems.


Crystallized intelligence

This type of intelligence is the opposite of fluid intelligence. It involves having knowledge and skills that are obtained through education. While fluid intelligence normally remains the same through a person’s life, crystallized intelligence can increase. As you go to school, read books, and be exposed to different environments, your crystallized intelligence increases.


Other psychologists such as Gardner has explained and classified intelligence in different types.

Logical Intelligence

Logical intelligence is one of the most obvious gauges used in determining whether one is intelligent or not. It is based on one’s logical ability to solve mathematical problems. It is based on evaluating inductive and deductive reasoning and calculating the ability to evaluate if someone can think conceptually and abstractly.


Visual-spatial intelligence

Some people can view and visualize the world in three dimensions. Being able to think in 3D involves creating mental imagery, which is the capacity of a person to draw up in their mind an image or picture as a representation of the physical world. They can draw generalization from the limited information available. We also have spatial reasoning or the ability to think about objects in 3D despite having limited information. Then there is image manipulation which is the capacity to view an image and picture how it will look like when tweaked or altered.

Naturalist intelligence

This form of intelligence entails being able to read and understand nature and all the living things on it. Having sensitivity for all living and non-living things making up nature makes you nature smart. You develop high naturalist intelligence if you love nature and enjoy spending time outdoors and you can connect easily with animals.


Interpersonal intelligence

Your emotions also play a key role in your intelligence. There is what we call emotional intelligence. Interpersonal intelligence refers to the ability to sense other people’s feelings as well as reading their motives. You will have above average interpersonal skills if you possess good communication skills both verbal and nonverbal. It is the first thing to notice on a person with high interpersonal intelligence.


Best Ways to Be Constantly Improving

The key to being successful in life is finding ways to be constantly improving. Having high competence will boost your confidence and confidence is akin to high achievers. Every person always desires to be better in what they do. You may want to grow your career, may want to live a healthier lifestyle, get a better shape, among others. You may also be looking forward to being more productive with your time.

There is something you can do to accomplish all those aspirations in your mind. Here are some few and simple things you can do to be constantly improving.

Be a student of life

If you want to improve today, you need to learn something new and seek knowledge and wisdom- it is a key part to be constantly improving. You need to keep seeking new knowledge and inspiration every single day. Read books and visit websites. Engage in conversations with smart people and take up new hobbies. Never stop learning and you will find yourself improving every single day.


Take tiny steps

Small steps may not seem to be taking you anywhere, but small wins have proven time and again to help people accomplish their goals in life. The first step is always the hardest, and once you can make it, other steps become easier. If you are overweight and obese, the first step you need to make is just hitting the gym. It is going to take a lot of work to get to where you would want to be, but don’t relent- just take the first step.


Have a mentor

Mentors are very important in life. Though there are countless ways to keep improving, getting a little help along the way may help to speed up your goals and processes. Think about the people who have influenced your life. It can be a coach, your parents, or friends. If you don’t have these people, make a list of people you respect and those who have achieved something great in their lives. Approach these people and look for ways you can learn from them.

Learn from your shortcomings

We stumble and fall all the time. However, the way we wake up and dust off determines our next course of action. In life, in whatever you want to achieve, you will be faced with lots of challenges and setbacks. Failure sucks, but it is necessary to help you create value in your learning experiences. Stop playing safe and take risks in life. You may fail, but take each failure as a learning lesson and an opportunity to get the best out of yourself. You will soon realize that these failures will lead you to achieve some of the greatest things in life.


Give Thanks

Think of everyone in your life and be grateful to them. Being thankful keeps us humble and gives us a perspective of what others in life are going through. Focus on all good things in your life and express gratitude for them. Additionally, be honest and ethical in your dealings. people who are at their best in improving themselves are always honest all their time.