How to Fix Employees from Leaving Your Organization

Whenever an employee leaves any reputable organization such as Herndon Towing, it can shake up the team’s dynamics. The remaining employees might find themselves scrambling to cover the extra work for weeks or months until a replacement is found. Even that, the onboarding process can take months to come to plan. A lot of managers do not understand or don’t even make efforts to understand the reasons behind employees moving. In most cases, managers have the power and responsibility of correcting and preventing root causes of employee disengagements that lead to people quitting their jobs as well as high turnover rates.

There are many reasons why employees leave their jobs, and there are many things management can do to prevent them from leaving. Let us have a look at some of these reasons;

The job wasn’t what they expected

About 40 percent of American workers quit within six months of starting a new job. In other industries, that number is even higher. Employees decide to quit because they didn’t realize what the job would be like. Probably they didn’t fully understand the expectations for the job. Perhaps, they were misled by the hiring manager. To decrease the chances a hew hire will quit within the first six months, be sure to give all candidates a realistic preview of what the job would be like. Hiring managers should ask applicants on they would react faced with different situations, to be sure they hire people who are adaptable and can cope.

Lack of coaching

It should come as no surprise that employees want to know how they are doing, and they want to know the same quite often. They want to know where their strengths lie and areas they can improve. They also want to know what they can do to move up the organization’s ladder. Four out of ten workers report feeling actively disengaged when getting little or no feedback at their places of work. Companies that implement regular employee feedback have 15 percent lower turnover rates than companies that don’t. It is encouraged that managers should work on having their employees highly engaged and giving them frequent feedback.

They don’t get along with their boss

This is also another leading reason for high turnover among employees. 50 percent of employees decide to leave an organization just to get away from their boss. There are many reasons why employees fail to get along with their boss. Maybe they don’t feel comfortable bringing up questions and issues. They may also feel like their boss is not the best advocate for their rights. Whatever the reason it is, there should be a good relationship between employees and their bosses. Bosses should try their best during the interview process to ask as many questions as possible and try to get the personality of candidates to see if they would be a match.

Employees would also consider leaving an organization if they don’t see much of an opportunity to advance their careers. The best way to help employees grow is to ensure they are aware of the opportunities before them, that advance career development.







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