How to Build and Manage an Effective Marketing Department

The constitution of a business such as Manassas towing company  entails having different units come together and work as one unit. Such applies to having well-developed marketing, finance, sales, administration, IT among other departments. You must also work on your hiring and recruiting to bring to board the best talent. If your team is not well built and managed, you will have a hard time succeeding at bringing in leads and generating good revenue for your company. It is very important to ensure you put a lot of care and attention into building your marketing team. You also need to understand the functions of the marketing department, which include the following;


Developing marketing strategy

One of the most important roles in the marketing department is to develop a marketing strategy. That means you need to create a marketing plan where you review your company’s mission, identify your buyer persona, determine all content initiatives, define your key KPIs, contact competitive analysis and make a budget. Your marketing team might develop a marketing plan be it bi-annually or annually. Additionally, various teams in your marketing department might be tasked with owning a certain aspect of the marketing plan, including social media, content marketing, product launches among others.


Managing your brand

Another core function of the marketing department is to manage your brand. Consider hiring a creative team to create a brand resource guide. This includes coming up with details on aspects such as color, logos to use, written style guide, templates, and other resources. You might also come with a brand infrastructure team that consists of communication designers, graphic designers, web developers, and editors. Your marketing team will be responsible for not just the creative assets of your brand but also your messaging. They will determine how you are going to approach your messaging and other details.

Create campaigns

Besides creating the overall messaging, your marketing team will need to manage ongoing a well as temporary campaigns. A good example of a temporary campaign is a product launch or promoting a certain event. On-going campaigns could be your overall paid social media strategy or SEO strategy. Your company will have both short and long-term campaigns and it is the responsibility of your marketing team to create and manage those, in addition to your overall messaging.


Producing content

Your marketing team will be tasked with producing content for all marketing materials. This will include elements on your website, blog, emails, social media, and other promotional materials. The components could be images, video, animations, among others. Creating these materials takes time, but it is the responsibility of your marketing team to ensure every aspect of the campaign is well taken care of.
The marketing team will also be tasked with formulating SEO strategies for business. The marketing team will need to brainstorm keywords, do enough research and consider all other important points to help write and develop content that is fully optimized for search. Organic traffic is one of the most important traffic sources because of how it is easy to implement. The marketing team will also be tasked with monitoring all social media pages. They will need to come up with a strategy that ensures accounts are well managed.

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